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World War II Speeches
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Historical Speaches That Will Never Be Forgotten
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33-03-04 First Inaugural Address
33-03-12 Fireside Chat-Bank Failures
33-05-07 The CCC and TVA
34-09-30 National Recovery Administration
35-04-28 Works Progress Administration
35-08-24 Young Democrat Club Speech
36-02-23 Conference of Christmas and Jews
36-06-27 Renomination in Philadelphia
36-09-06 Fireside Chat-Invest in Farm Land
36-09-18 Harvard Love of Liberty Speech
36-10-08 50th Birthday Statue of Liberty
36-10-31 Madison Square Rally
37-01-20 Second Inaugural Speech
37-03-04 Second Inaugural Address
37-03-09 Fireside Chat-1st of Second Term
37-04-11 Father Charles Coughlin Denounces FDR's New Deal
37-09-28 Dedication of Bonneville Dam
37-10-05 Chicago Bridge Dedication Speech
37-10-12 Special Session of Congress
38-04-14 Fireside Chat-Bulwark of Liberty
38-06-24 Fireside Chat-nominate Liberals
38-06-30 National Education Association
39-01-04 State of Union Address
39-08-00 Speech 'There Can Be No Peace'
39-09-03 Fireside Chat-Start of WW2
39-09-21 Repeal of Arms Embargo
40-05-10 Speech to American Scientists
40-05-16 Congress Military Strength Speech
40-05-26 Social Welfare Won't be Sacrificed
40-06-10 U. of Virginia Commencement
40-10-30 Boston Campaign Speech
40-11-02 Campaigning in Cleveland
40-12-24 Lighting the Christmas Tree
40-12-29 Great Arsenal of Democracy Speech
41-01-06 Four Freedoms Speech-State of Union
41-01-20 3rd Inaugural Speech
41-03-08 Passage of Lend Lease Program
41-03-15 Banquet for News Reporters
41-03-15 On The Lend-Lease Act
41-03-17 National Gallery of Art Acceptance
41-03-28 Jackson Day Dinner Speech
41-04-30 Buy War Bonds Speech
41-05-27 Fireside Chat Live Audience
41-05-27 Fireside Chat On Pan American Unity
41-07-04 Declaration of Independence Speech
41-07-21 Extend Draftees Term
41-09-11 Shoot on Sight Speech
41-12-08 Day of Infamy Speech
41-12-08 Introduction, Then FDR's 'Day Of Infamy' Speech
41-12-08 Speech - Day of Infamy
41-12-08 Speech To Joint Session Of Congress
41-12-08 Speeches - WW II Fulll Broadcast
41-12-09 1st Wartime Chat-Will Win the War
41-12-09 Fireside Chat
41-12-24 Christmas Broadcast
42-01-06 NBC FDR State of the Union
42-02-2 Don't Slow our Effort
42-04-28 Cost of Living Speech
42-10-12 Set Prejudices Aside
42-11-07 FDR Appeals To French To Resist The Nazis
43-05-02 NBC Fireside Chat - On The Coal Crisis
43-07-28 FDR Fireside Chat - First Crack In The Axis
43-07-28 GI Bill of Rights Speech
44-00-00 Campaigns For 4th Term
44-01-11 State of Union-Economic Bill of Rights
44-04-06D-Day at Normandy Prayer
44-06-05 Fireside Chat
44-06-05 Surrender of Rome
44-06-06 CBS D-Day Prayer
44-06-06 NBC D-Day Address And Prayer
45-01-06 Fireside Chat On Battle Of The Bulge
45-02-12 Returns From Allied Conference At Yalta
45-03-01 Last Address Before Congress
45-04-12 - CBS news flash 'FDR is Dead'
45-04-15 New World a'Coming_Memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt
1920 Americanism
Declaration of War against Japan
Response to Pearl Harbor
Speeches - Declaration Of War Against Japan

1st Term
2nd Term
D-Day Conclusion
D-Day Prelude
Peace with Honor
Post War Years
President and Politics

18-11-11 The Hour of Armistace
28-00-00 The Follies of the Victors
33-04-24 The Locust Years
34-11-16 The Causes of War
36-03-00 The Loaded Pause
36-10-00 Meeting with Von Rippentrop
37-00-00 BBC - The German Ambassador
37-00-00 Mr Edens Resignation
38-04-30 BBC To The Royal Academy Of Arts
38-04-30 Speech
38-09-00 Munich Winter
38-10-16 BBC - We Must Arm
38-11-00 The Soviet Enigma
38-12-00 War
39-10-01 The First Month of War
39-11-12 Ten Weeks of War
39-12-18 Sinking of the Graf Spee
40-01-20 Neutrals-Liberation is Sure
40-02-23 The Navy is Here
40-03-12 Before the Storm
40-03-30 A Sterner War
40-04-00 Narvik Norway
40-05-00 The National Coaliton
40-05-13 Speech to HS of Commons
40-05-19 BBC - First Speech As Prime Minister
40-05-19 The Battle of France
40-05-28 BBC - On Capitulation Of Belgium
40-06-00 The French Agony
40-06-04 BBC - We Shall Never Surrender
40-06-17 BBC - Their Finest Hour
40-06-18 Their Finest Hour
40-06-19 Churchill on Dunkirk Escape
40-07-14 War of Unknown Warriors
40-08-20 BBC - The First Year
40-09-11 Crux of the Whole War
40-09-15 The Battle of Britian
40-09-17 London Secret Session
40-12-00 Winston Churchill Talk
40-12-30 Canada House of Commons
40-20-08 So much too so few
41-02-09 BBC - Give Us The Tools
41-04-27 BBC - Westward Look The Land I
41-06-12 Until Victory is Won
41-06-16 BBC - Broadcast To America
41-06-21 Great Sp
41-06-22 (Churchill on Hitler) Guttersnipe Invades Russia
41-06-22 BBC - Germany Invades Russia
41-07-14 BBC - Do Your Worst, We'll Do
41-07-14 Do Your Worst, We Do Our Best
41-07-14 His Finest Hour
41-07-29 BBC - War Production
41-08-14 BBC - The Atlantic Charter
41-08-24 BBC - Meeting With President Roosevelt
41-08-29 BBC - These Are Great Days
41-09-09 Masters of Our Fate
41-10-29 These Are Great Days
41-11-07 With Great Resolution
41-12-08 War with Japan
41-12-24 From the White House
41-12-26 BBC - Address To Congress
41-12-30 CBC - Preparation, Liberation,
42-01-06 State of Union
42-02-15 BBC - Reviews Atlantic Charter
42-05-10 BBC - Prime Minister For Two Years
42-10-11 The End of the Beginning
42-11-10 BBC - The End Of The Beginning
42-11-29 BBC - National Address
43-03-21 BBC - National Address
43-03-21 CBS World News Carries Churchill's Speech
43-05-19 BBC - Second Address To US Congress
43-06-30 Before the Autumn Unity
43-08-31 CBC - Broadcast From Quebec
43-09-06 Anglo American Unity
43-10-28 Rebuilding House of Commons
44-03-26 BBC - On Allied Victories
44-11-09 The Fruits of 1944
44-11-23 America's Thanksgiving
44-11-23 Speech for US Thanksgiving Day
45-03-25 BBC - Robert Barr Reports Winston Churchill Crosse
45-05-08 Unconditional German Surrender
45-08-05 This Is Your Victory
1937 - The German Ambassador
1938-10-16 - We Must Arm
Address to the Nation On the RAF
Churchill to France
Dictators On Their Pedestals
First Radio Address As Prime Minister
I Have Not Always Been Wrong
I Speak To You For Th eFirst Time
Lend Lease Most Unsordid Act
Memoirs & Speeches 1
Memoirs & Speeches 2
Memoirs & Speeches 3
Memoirs & Speeches 4
Memoirs & Speeches 5
Memoirs & Speeches 6
Memoirs & Speeches 7
Memoirs & Speeches 8
Never Surrender
The Battle Of Britain Is About To Begin
The Measure Meted Out
We Shall Fight
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